Johnathan Hateley: Ripples

Jonathan Hateley: Ripples

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Hand painted resin bronze and bronze

H59cm x W27cm x D27cm

Editions 2/12

The idea of ‘Ripples’ came during a walk along the River Medway. Looking at the reflections in the water I thought to cause some ripples myself by throwing stones and taking photos. As well as those formed on the river, the ripples extended into an idea for a sculpture. An outstretched foot has perhaps caused the ripples which appear over her, a moment in time, which will gradually disappear. I have always loved the song of the same name by the band Genesis, which seems to be a metaphor for the transience of beauty and on reflection, seems to fit.

*This artwork is located in the UK. Worldwide shipping can be arranged at an additional cost, to be agreed.